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NSW cattle: Black steers in high demand, fetching 503c/kg


At the Lismore Saleyards last Saturday, 520 cattle were sold.

Another big crowd of buyers from the tablelands to local areas attended, all keen to purchase a few after lightening off during the drought.

The sale opened strongly with six Brangus heifers with young calves selling for $2640.

Charolais-cross heifers also with baby calves, $2120.

Heifers and calves still showing signs of the drought but with good bobby calves sold from $1400 to $1800. Most heifers in calf sold from $1200 to $1800. PTIC Brangus and heifers topped at $1900.

A big number of unjoined heifers (not detected in calf) were sold with feedlotters and restockers competing. Feedlotters paid from $3.30 to $3.78 for heifers weighing from 300kg to 430kg, $1050 to $1507.

Restockers paid up to $1600 for unjoined F1 Brahman-cross Hereford heifers.

On Tuesday at the Lismore yards another 250 cattle were sold. Prices for all classes were strong.

Willyama Ag Holdings, Mullumbimby topped the cow market with their Charolais, $3.04/kg, $2083. Most heavy cows sold from $2.60 to $2.80/kg. Medium cows $2.30 to $2.60/kg. Prime vealer heifers sold to meat processors, $3.40 to $3.64/kg, $700 to $1023. Most steer vealers/weaners sold from $3.60 to $4.22/kg.

Don’t forget this Saturday’s Lismore Store Cattle Sale.

Another 500 cattle are booked, consisting of steers, heifers, cows with calves and a few bulls.


On Wednesday at Casino’s prime sale, 1487 head were yarded.

Competition was strong from restocker and backgrounders for the vealer market, and the export market improved with plenty of interest from the feeder, restocker and operator buyers.

Young cattle were dominated once again by vealers, with yearlings represented in ­smaller numbers.

Best of the cows made to 318.2c/kg, with an average weight of 451kg. Kelvin J & JD Graham sold one head for $2211.49.

Heifers topped at 345.2c/kg, averaging 402kg, with $2,045.97 being the top price for one head sold by Compton Farms.

Bullocks and steers sold well with steers reaching 380.2c/kg and averaging 427kg.

The top price was achieved by Don Cook, $2177.44 for one head. Best of the bullocks reached $2212.32 for one head from producers Craig and Sandra Martin. Bullocks topped at 346.2c/kg and averaged 510kg.

Yearling steers reached 420.2c/kg, with an average weight of 299kg and the best price for one head going to producers David and JW Eastwell, $1485.75. Best of the yearling heifers – two head – sold for $1167.45 for producer Jacques Matheu. Yearling heifers topped at 371.2c/kg, averaging 274kg.

Reaching a top price of 486.2c/kg, with an average weight of 232kg, 781 vealers were yarded. Kyogle producers Richard M & J O’Reilly achieved the best price, selling one head for $1607.35.

George & Fuhrmann held their breeder and store sale on Friday, February 28, finishing the week on a strong note.

Cows were strong, selling to a top of 281c/kg and averaging 441kg. KG & JJ Baker sold five Charolais-cross cows for $1537.07. Heifers improved, reaching 432c/kg, with an averaging weight of 237kg. Mallanganee producer Paul and J Hewetson sold seven EU-accredited Braford heifers, topping at $2625.00.

Cow and calf units improved out of sight. Producer East Lynn topping the market with $3100.00, selling EU Hereford Santa-cross heifers with calves at foot.

Black steers were in high demand, reaching 503c/kg, weighing 272kg, with Doon Doon producers James & KA Stapleton selling six Brangus steers, topping at $1868.65.

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