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MLA Bushfire Recovery Sponsorship Program

Bushfires across Australia have been devastating for many red meat and livestock producers.

MLA is seeking to initiate a number of activities that will support producers through the bushfire recovery phase, including the allocation of sponsorship funding towards information sessions that will support producers in bushfire-affected regions.

The Bushfire Recovery Sponsorship Program provides financial and in-kind support for industry events that increase awareness and adoption of information and resources that will support producers recovering from bushfires.

Sponsorship is available for up to $2,500 per event.

Key Dates

Sponsorship is open for events held until June 30 2020. Events that have already occurred are not eligible for sponsorship.

The events must target producers in affected bushfire areas.

MLA will notify applicants within one week of receipt of request as to whether the application for sponsorship has been successful.

For further information please contact

Sponsorship criteria

To be considered for sponsorship, your event must meet the following criteria:

  1. Target and engage producers with an aim of increasing awareness and adoption of resources that will support recovery from bushfire

  2. Target and engage producers in localities affected by bushfire

  3. Provide follow-up opportunities post-event to further enhance the information delivered

  4. Supply a post-event summary which includes detail of meeting /event agenda, number of attendees

  5. MLA to be acknowledged as a supporter of the event.

Step 1: Request sponsorship

After reading and understanding the terms and conditions, please complete the sponsorship request form. The application form will open in a new window.

Open sponsorship request form

Step 2: Application review process

Applications are reviewed by MLA who will notify applicants within one week of receipt of request as to whether the application for sponsorship has been successful.

MLA reserves the right to reject any application for any reason or request additional information or negotiate aspects of the application to ensure the best-possible outcome for all parties.

Step 3: Notification of outcome

All applicants will be advised by email of the outcome of their submission.

Other sponsorship considerations

Given anticipated demand on the Bushfire Recovery Sponsorship Program, applicants may be offered a lesser amount than that requested in the application.

MLA recognises the valuable work of many community groups and organisations.

However, our sponsorship program is unable to offer financial support to events such as cooking demonstrations, barbeque challenges, fundraising initiatives, youth camps, social functions and dinners.

Invoices are processed for payment at the completion of the event and on receipt of a Post-Event summary.

MLA’s acceptance of the application and payment of the sponsorship amount is conditional upon the event proceeding as planned and in accordance with the details provided in the application.

Should the event be cancelled or altered in any way, MLA reserves its rights to review the sponsorship and the sponsorship amount in light of the changes.

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