Cattle Producers Australia progressing reform for Cattle Industry

Media Release 19 October 2020

Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) Chair Dr Paul Wright provided a statement today after the recent public commentary over the lack of progress for much-needed red meat industry organisational restructure.

Dr Wright said that “CPA has been involved in many discussions behind the scenes on matters related to the red meat industry following the publication of the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) White Paper last year which has led to an increasing degree of consensus on the need for a proposed restructure.”

The consensus is that each sector of the red meat industry should be responsible for the direction and control of the expenditure of levies and delivery of advocacy on behalf of their particular sector. There is also a call for an effective overarching multi-sector body to deal with the increasing number of whole of red meat supply chain issues when required.

Dr Wright said “Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has stalled progress on implementation of those proposed organisational reforms, as stated above there have been a lot of teleconferences and meetings going on behind the scenes. The industry is well placed to move toward an implementation process as soon as the easing of State and Territory border restrictions will allow.

CPA has been involved in a series of discussions with a significant number of key grass-fed cattle producers over the last year about the necessary reforms needed. We were about to engage in a roundtable conference of key grass-fed cattle producers and organisations when the Covid-19 pandemic hit last March.”

Dr Wright confirmed that the plan was to get all the disparate grass-fed cattle producer bodies and key cattle producer figures together to reach a consensus position on a new grass-fed cattle producer Peak Industry Council. Following this we hoped to move to a series of follow-up roundtable conferences with the other red meat industry supply chain sectors to reach agreement on a whole of red meat industry organisational restructure.

Dr Wright provided the following summary of the background to the establishment of CPA:

CPA was formed to be a nationally democratically elected body to replace the Cattle Council of Australia as Australia’s grass-fed cattle producer Peak Industry Council by a number of grass-fed cattle representative bodies in response to recommendations from the 2014 Senate Committee inquiry into Industry Structures and Systems Governing Levies on Grass-fed Cattle.

The original Implementation Committee set up to establish Cattle Producers Australia included representatives of the Cattle Council of Australia, Northern Pastoral Group, Richmond River Beef Producers Association, Gulf Cattleman’s Association, Australian Beef Association, Australian Meat Producers Group, Concerned Cattle Producers and a number of prominent individual  cattle producers.

Disappointingly Cattle Council of Australia pulled out of the process in January 2018 after some of the State farm organisations withdrew their support for the process.

The current CPA Implementation Committee is now well-placed to engage and liaise with Australian grass-fed cattle producers on reforming the organisational structures.

Dr Wright said “CPA has met over the last year with AGFORCE, Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association, NSW Farmers Association, Victorian Farmers Federation and consulted with SA Livestock Producers, Western Australian Farmers Federation, Tasmania Farmers and Graziers Association and the Cattle Council of Australia as well as many of the large corporate and family owned grass-fed cattle producers to discuss the proposed restructure of Australia’s grass- fed cattle Peak Industry Council.

The background preparation has been done and as soon as the State and Territory border entry restrictions have been lifted, the facilitated roundtable conference process can begin. In the meantime, the constructive conversations between Cattle Producers Australia, Cattle Council of Australia and other relevant entities will undoubtedly continue”, Dr Wright Concluded.

Dr Paul Wright


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