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Cattle industry pulls together on flood drive

A SUPERSLICK co-ordinated effort is underway across the country to give every Australian the opportunity to lend a helping hand, in a way that best suits their ability, to those affected by devastating northern floods.

Whether you can donate a stud heifer, footy tickets, a dollar from every head you sell over the next few weeks or a quad bike, the “We’ve Got Your Back” campaign provides the pathway.

It also provides the guarantee that one hundred percent of what is donated will make it back to those in need.

Agri-marketing web business The Herd Online’s Sam Levett said initial efforts to launch a flood relief drive had met with such enormous support the decision was quickly made to make it an industry event and a national campaign.

The likes of AuctionsPlus, Elders, Landmark, Rural Co, Ray White, RMA, Agforce and the Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association came on board quickly, which means a multitude of pathways are available to people everywhere wanting to chip in.

The country’s big agricultural mastheads, from Queensland Country Life to WA’s Farm Weekly, will tap into their unique ability to reach every corner of Australia to let people know the pathways for contributing to centralised relief efforts.

From next Monday, AuctionsPlus will run a week-long online charity auction of donated items taking in everything from stud cattle to footy jerseys and meat packs.

Donated items must be in by midday on Monday.

At the same time, anyone with stock listed in an AuctionsPlus sale next week can opt to donate a portion of the sale to the campaign.  Contact AuctionsPlus on 0292624222 to take part in either of these pathways.

If you are selling livestock at a saleyard anywhere in Australia, you can also opt to donate a percentage of the sale. Speak to your local livestock agent.

Finally, direct donations to Blaze Aid, the official partner of the campaign, can be made via or at BSB: 633-000 Acc: 150256717.

Head of Agricultural Publishing John Warlters said not only were there people all over looking to help and wanting to know the most effective way to do so, there were organisations co-ordinating fundraising in a superb way.

“What we are doing is sharing these efforts back to the industry so everyone can choose their best pathway - it might be your ability is in donations of stock, or farm equipment, or some other area,” Mr Warlters said.

“What is key across all the pathways is that one hundred percent of what is donated will be delivered to those in need.

Cattle industry pulls together on flood drive

“Our message to those in the north is we’ve got your back. We’ll be the conduit that connects everyone around Australia to the cause.”

© SHAN GOODWIN, Farmonline National

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