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Get Involved!   Join our Beef Producer group 

About Us

Our Objectives

   We have three main objectives that form the foundation of the association which act as the river of our activities. They are as follows:​

  •        To represent and lobby on behalf of local beef producers to achieve the best possible outcomes.

  •        To liaise at a broader level with other regional associations, both state and federal on issues that affect the local beef industry.

  •        To provide a platform for the benefit of its members.   ​

Member Benefits

   The association recognises the importance of offering tangible benefits for its members to promote their business and the local beef cattle industry. We offer            members the following benefits: 


  •          Beef cattle events for members to exhibit their premium livestock with the added benefit of promoting the high quality of beef cattle produced in the                 greater Richmond River area.

  •          Formal and informal forums which encourages members to share ideas and information.  ​

  •          Your own web-page on this website to market your operation to the beef industry.

  •          Advertise member's cattle for sale on this website  that will be seen by the broader beef industry.

  •          Be part of a larger lobby group that actively influences government policy and other stakeholders to the benefit your business. 

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